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Dr Shriram S Sonawane

Associate Professor Nanotechnology, Modeling and Simulation, Nanofluid... View Profile

Dr Ashish S Chaurasia

Associate Professor Pyrolysis of Biomass, Biomass Gasification, Modeli... View Profile

Dr Sachin A Mandavgane

Associate Professor Solid Waste Utilization, Nano Catalyst, Adsorption... View Profile

Dr Mahesh N Varma

Associate Professor Reaction Engineering, Biochemical Reaction Enginee... View Profile

Dr R P Vijayakumar

Assistant Professor Polymer Processing, Polymers Composites, Nanomater... View Profile

Dr Sonali H Tajane

Assistant Professor Biopesticide, Physical Separation, Biorefinary, So... View Profile

Dr Arijit Das

Assistant Professor Advanced Separation Technology, Bioprocesses, Proc... View Profile

Dr Ashwin Kannan

Assistant Professor Biochemical Engineering, Nanobiotechnology... View Profile

Dr C Ravikumar

Assistant Professor Colloids and Interface Science, Nanoparticles, Mod... View Profile

Dr Shyam M Kodape

Assistant Professor Membrane Bioreactor, Process Dynamics and Control,... View Profile

Dr Diwakar Z Shende

Assistant Professor Reactive Separation, Fly Ash Utilization, Separati... View Profile

Dr Ravi N Methekar

Assistant Professor Modeling, Simulation, Control of Lithium Ion Batte... View Profile

Dr Ajit P Rathod

Assistant Professor Heat Transfer, Membrane Separation Processess, Per... View Profile

Dr Pradip B Dhamole

Assistant Professor Biofuels, New Phase Separation Method, Biological ... View Profile

Dr Shailesh G Agrawal

Assistant Professor Industrial Crystallization, Secondary Nucleation, ... View Profile

Dr Ashwin P Gaikwad

Assistant Professor Advanced Biofuels, Biochemical Engineering, Proces... View Profile

Dr Piyush P Wanjari

Assistant Professor Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molecular Modeling... View Profile