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Dr Shriram S Sonawane

Associate Professor Nanotechnology, Modeling and Simulation, Nanofluid... View Profile

Dr Mahesh N Varma

Associate Professor Reaction Engineering, Biochemical Reaction Enginee... View Profile

Dr Sachin A Mandavgane

Associate Professor Solid Waste Utilization, Nano Catalyst, Adsorption... View Profile

Dr Ashish S Chaurasia

Associate Professor Pyrolysis of Biomass, Biomass Gasification, Modeli... View Profile

Dr Ajit P Rathod

Assistant Professor Heat Transfer, Membrane Separation Processess, Per... View Profile

Dr Ravi N Methekar

Assistant Professor Modeling, Simulation, Control of Lithium Ion Batte... View Profile

Dr Pradip B Dhamole

Assistant Professor Biofuels, New Phase Separation Method, Biological ... View Profile

Dr Shailesh G Agrawal

Assistant Professor Industrial Crystallization, Secondary Nucleation, ... View Profile

Dr Diwakar Z Shende

Assistant Professor Reactive Separation, Fly Ash Utilization, Separati... View Profile

Dr Ashwin P Gaikwad

Assistant Professor Advanced Biofuels, Biochemical Engineering, Proces... View Profile

Dr Piyush P Wanjari

Assistant Professor Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molecular Modeling... View Profile

Dr Ashwin Kannan

Assistant Professor Biochemical Engineering, Nanobiotechnology... View Profile

Dr R P Vijayakumar

Assistant Professor Polymer Processing, Polymers Composites, Nanomater... View Profile

Dr Sonali H Tajane

Assistant Professor Biopesticide, Physical Separation, Biorefinary, So... View Profile

Dr Shyam M Kodape

Assistant Professor Membrane Bioreactor, Process Dynamics and Control,... View Profile

Dr C Ravikumar

Assistant Professor Colloids and Interface Science, Nanoparticles, Mod... View Profile

Dr Arijit Das

Assistant Professor Advanced Separation Technology, Bioprocesses, Proc... View Profile