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Prof Vasant Anant Mhaisalkar

Professor Water Supply and Treatment, Waste Water Engineerin... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Gupta

Professor Water Supply and Waste Water Collection System, En... View Profile

Prof Vishrut S Landge

Professor Road Traffic Safety, Road Safety Audit, Socio Econ... View Profile

Prof Aniruddha Dattatraya Ghare

Professor Free Surface Flows, Hydraulic Structures, Stepped ... View Profile

Prof Yashwant Bhaskar Katpatal

Professor Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, ... View Profile

Prof Ajay R Tembhurkar

Professor Municipal, Industrial and Advanced Water Treatment... View Profile

Prof Dilip H Lataye

Professor Water and Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution Cont... View Profile

Dr M V Latkar

Associate Professor Environmental Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Avinash D Vasudeo

Associate Professor Hydrology, Hydraulics Engineering, Groundwater Mon... View Profile

Dr Anirban Mandal

Associate Professor Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering... View Profile

Dr Anjan Patel

Associate Professor Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Uti... View Profile

Dr Amit Harihar Padade

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sita Rami Reddy

Assistant Professor Pavement Material Characterization, Pavement Analy... View Profile

Dr Udit Jain

Assistant Professor Pedestrian Safety, Traffic Engineering, Urban Tran... View Profile

Mr Abhay Tawalare

Assistant Professor Contract Management, Project Management, Design of... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan V

Assistant Professor Pluviation and Characterization of Geomaterials, P... View Profile

Dr S P Wanjari

Assistant Professor Bond Strength of Concrete and Steel, High Performa... View Profile

Dr Shilpa R Dongre

Assistant Professor Design of Water Distribution Networks, Water and W... View Profile

Dr Ashwini Baswaraj Mirajkar

Assistant Professor Water Resources Engineering, Irrigation and Planni... View Profile

Dr Shrabony Adhikary

Assistant Professor Soil Amplification and Site Response Analysis, Soi... View Profile

Dr Mangesh Madurwar

Assistant Professor New Construction Materials and Technology, Constru... View Profile

Dr Karthik Balasundaram

Assistant Professor Environmental Chemistry, Physio Chemical Methods f... View Profile