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Prof V B Borghate

Professor Power Electronics, Multi Level Inverter, Fault Tol... View Profile

Prof Anjali Junghare

Professor Control Systems, Fuzzy Logic and its Applications ... View Profile

Prof Mohan Aware

Professor Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Power Qualit... View Profile

Prof M S Ballal

Professor Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines, Fault... View Profile

Prof Madhuri Avinash Chaudhari

Professor Power Electronics, Drives, FACTS, Power Quality... View Profile

Prof Mohan Khedkar

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Nita R Patne

Associate Professor Power Quality, Smart Grid, Custom FACTS Devices, P... View Profile

Dr V S Kale

Associate Professor Power System Protection, Artificial Intelligence A... View Profile

Dr P S Kulkarni

Associate Professor Power System Optimization, Renewable Energy System... View Profile

Dr Bhimrao Umre

Associate Professor Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Dynamics and S... View Profile

Dr Manojkumar Ramteke

Associate Professor Electrical Enggineering.... View Profile

Dr S S Bhat

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr M M Lokhande

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Arghya Mitra

Assistant Professor Power System Dynamics and Stability, Grid Integrat... View Profile

Dr Bhooshan Rajpathak

Assistant Professor Bifurcations, Chaos, Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Sy... View Profile

Dr R J Satputaley

Assistant Professor Power Quality... View Profile

Dr A Dhabale

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr S R Tambay

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Pradyumn Chaturvedi

Assistant Professor Multilevel Inverters, Application of Power Electro... View Profile

Dr Ritesh Kumar Keshri

Assistant Professor Power Electronics and Drives for Electric Vehicle ... View Profile